Disptemper Paint Plant

Disptemper Paint Plant

The Distemper paint plant is so designed to reduce the production time by 1/4th of time taken by conventional method using other machines , giving uniformity of the succesive batches A bottom outlet valve provided gives faster discharge of the finished product thereby less labour involved. Disptemper Paint plant are available in three capacities viz 250 kg , 500kg and 1000kg . Custom made plant can also be made as per the customers.

Top Assembly

The top assembly consist of Bearing Housing, With Bearing , High Speed Motor for homogeniser and second motor for Scraper. A circular pipe sprayer arrangement is provided on the inner side of the container above the scraper blade to clean the wall of the container.An easy top assembly lifting arrangement is provided using hydraulics for Cleaning of the Blades and the entire container for taken different batches thereby less downtime involved.


Gate type blade rotates around the Homogeniser gives better mixing.
The blades are so shaped to move the material back towards the centre of the homogeniser simultaneously scraping the walls of the container Modified Turbine Blade grinds, mixes, disperses by forming vortex of the material sent by the Gate type blade towards the centre.


The entire Distemper Paint Plant is mounted on the platform to facilitate easier charging of the raw material and faster discharge of the finished product.