Limpet Coil Vessel

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Reaction Vessel is one of the most important equipment of any chemical, food, drugs, dyes and allied industries, There are various types of reaction vessel viz jacketed, Limpet coil in body flange or Welded Types, Top open type, Top dish type etc.

We manufacture Reaction Vessel with capacity ranging from 100 liters to 20,000 liters in Material of Construction Stainless Steel & Mild Steel and Rubber lined depending on the requirement of the material to be processed.


Limpet Coil can be made of Mild Steel or Stainless Steel as per the application of the user.

Drive System is specially Designed for Maintenance & Trouble Free Performance.

Lenton Assembly:
Lenton Assembly contains Bearing Housing with TOP Tapered Roller Bearing for High Accuracy and resistance to impact load & vibratory load and Ball Bearing at the bottom for smooth rotation. Stuffing Box is provided with Jacket for Cooling arrangement to give long life to Gland rope. Gland pusher is provided with Gunmetal Bush Bearing thus ensuring Minimised Friction giving longer life to the Gunmetal Bearing. Bearing Housing and Lenton Assembly are steel Fabricated made from M.S. Plates of suitable strength.

Welding work is performed by Argon Arc process using Good Characteristic Filler rods on all S. S. Parts. M.S. Parts welding is performed by D. C Arc welding process using suitable electrodes of Advani Oerlikon make.

Jacket Welding
Jacket Closure Ring welding work is performed by using high grade filler rods to withstand closure ring tension.

Stifner Ring
Stifner Ring is provided on Inner Shell of Jacket inbetween Inner Shell and Outer Jacket to intensify main Vessel and to provide uniform circulation and minimise stagnation of heating or cooling medium.

All weld joints will be finished from inside and outside, S S. Parts is cleaned from inside and outside. Two coates of primer/ redoxide will be given on M.S. parts from outside.

Equipments are tested Hydraulically as per design Pressure

Complete after sales servicing is provide by our fully trained and competant engineers.

- Types of Blade & Agitator can be used in Reaction Vessels.