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Flaker Machine are used for making flakes after solidifing of Molten material.It offers continous formation of flakes of desired thickness on the water cooled drum by manual setting of the Scrapper.

Flaker Drum
The Flaker Drum is fabricated out of Mild Steel \ Stainless Steel plates of tested quality and is so designed so as to get uniform cooling effect. The Flaking surface of the Drum is dulyground and hard chromed with superior finish for fast and uniform formation of Flakes and prevention of dried material being stuck on the drum surface after scrapping. The drum is provided with a Hollow shaft for entry of Cooling medium. Rotary joint is provided on the hollow shaft at the Intel and Mist of Cooling medium.

The drum is provided with selfaligning spherical roller bearings to take care of smooth rotation and scrapping loads.

Gear Drive
The drum is rotated by Chain sprockets arrangement with the Reduction Box to absorb the vibratory load of the scrapper. The Gear Box is driven by Pulley Belt drive. A Feed Tray is provided with Flaker machine with jacket for cooling or heating purpose.